Greetings from the Worshipful Master

With these words I welcome you to our website!

We are pleased about your interest and invite you to visit our website further and to get in touch with us.

Certainly there is a lot of information about the nature and history of the “Royal Art”; it is important to know that Freemasonry means constant work on oneself and also the adoption of an attitude based on the basic moral values of Humanity. The acceptance of the existence of a supreme being also belongs to the indispensable prerequisites for work in Freemasonry.

Our lodge operates under the constitution of the grand lodge “Old Free and Accepted Masons of Germany e.V. (GL AFuAMvD)” under the umbrella organization of the ” United Grand Lodges of Germany (VGLvD)” and is therefore part of the humanistic mas0nic orientation.

“Wherever you hail from, here you have found a home.”

We are always happy about the visit of brethren. In our schedule you can find more detailed information on dates and meetings. We thank you for a message in advance!

Ralf Lemke

Worshipful Master

Lueneburg, June 2019